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Participants, upon completion will have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Modern Company Law and Administration, particularly as it applies to the Incorporation and Management of Offshore Private Companies. This subject encompasses the important differences between IBC's and Ordinary Companies. It fully explains the Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of Shareholders, Officers and Directors. Administrative and Legal aspects of Corporate Management and Termination as well as Jurisdictional Differences, Compliance and Risk on the local and international level are fully discussed. Participants will be required to complete assignments and to take stipulated exams. There will also be a final exam. The passing grade for the course is 70%. Participants are encouraged to complete the entire program, (i.e. Stages I & II). At the completion of Stage I, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Upon completion of Stages I & II, a Trustee Diploma, will be awarded to participants who achieve a grade of seventy percent (70%) in both Stages.

Total classroom hours - Stage I - 44
Total assignments and review hours required - 30-40

Total classroom hours - Stage II - 88
Total assignments and review hours required - 60-80

The Institute has secured a pool of highly qualified Practitioners from The Private Banking Sector to deliver the programme.

Who is eligible to register?

Stage I
Anyone who has had no formal training in Trust Administration.
Fees: $1,400 members - $1,600 non memebers

Stage II
Successful completion of Stage I
Candidates who have not successfully complete Stage I, but feel they can adequately pass the final exam of Stage I are allowed to sit a challenge exam.
Fees: $2,700 members - $3,300 non memebers

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