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This intensive course will provide the candidates with a comprehensive overview of the Risk issues and challenges that face Financial Institutions today. It will update them on Best Recommended International Risk Management Practices and also specific local and regional issues. Guidance will be given on Global/U.S and European practices. Certified International Risk Managers will be capable of analyzing a variety of Enterprise Wide Risks and reaching sound risk mitigation strategy decisions.

The programme will develop confidence in participants and enable them to build stronger knowledge for the mutual benefit of the financial institution and their colleagues . It also allows individual employees to earn a career-based diploma that recognizes their aptitude and professional competence in making risk assessment decisions. Certified Learning This certified learning programme will be recognized for educational credit towards an accelerated route to the leading international status of Chartered Banker – the premier qualification for professionals in Financial Services. [ ].

This programme is Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Scotland, UK (the oldest Banking Institute in the world).

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Start Date: February 21st 2014
Course Duration - 7 months
Cost - Full course cost - $4,550. (Includes course materials, lectures, e-learning and examination)

Candidates to this program will be certified after passing all six modules of the program and the successful completion of a comprehensive Final Qualifying Exam.

  • Enterprise Wide Risk Management
  • Credit & Operational Risk
  • Investment & Liquidity Risk
  • Market Risk & Financial Instruments
  • Regulations & Compliance Risk
  • Reputational Risk & Corporate Risk

Program Prerequisites
Candidates must have basic knowledge in Computer Skills, Mathematics, Principles of Accounting and General Economics. Candidates must have a minimum of a college degree or equivalent or certification of the required job experience to warrant immediate entry to the programme.

Delivery Methodology
Both International and Local Presenters will engage in Face to Face interactive classroom plus E-Learning and Mentoring Sessions.

Final Qualifying Exam
At this stage, the evaluation will emphasize practical exercises based on a case study approach where deliverables include a soundly structured, and supported risk assessment and risk mitigation decision. The exam will require both the analysis and the decision to be presented in written form for evaluation. All Exams are prepared and marked by The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland.


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