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Mandarin Chinese

The purpose of the Mandarin Chinese for Business Professionals course is to provide professionals with communication skills, as well as phrases, commands and conditions they might encounter in the work environment.

The basic concepts of foreign languages include vocabulary and correct pronunciation presented with a focus on the business environment. Students will improve their intercultural competences in foreign languages. Classes are participatory where simulations, role plays and case studies are common. Learn to greet clients, schedule appointments, provide instructions, negotiation, marketing, presentations, interviews and improve the words and/or characters use. Discover the important verbs and nouns that enable staff to successfully interact with Mandarin-speaking clients.


  • You'll be able to offer immediate help to your Mandarin speaking clients.
  • No more waiting for an available translator!
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Save time for your clients and your department!
  • Your clients will appreciate your efforts and feel more trusting of you as their business
    consultant, especially at critical times.
  • Your improved interactions with Mandarin-speaking clients can lead to advancement and increased pay.

Assessment structure

Candidates for this programme will be certified after successful completion of a three hour written and oral exam. The passing mark for the exam is 70%. A Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the qualification.

Course duration - 6 months

Delivery method: Face to Face interactive workshops delivered by a local practitioner
Estimated study time 200 hours
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