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Course Objective

The Certified Financial Planner credential is an internationally recognized standard for financial planning.
This Programme is designed to help financial planners achieve their career and professional goals.
Financial planners learn the fundamentals of building a comprehensive financial plan and are recognized as dedicated professionals with the theoretical and practical knowledge to assist clients while adhering to high ethical standards.

The study program emphasizes core areas of wealth management, estate planning and financial planning practice management. This Programme has been designed by BIFS, working with Keith Checkley & Associates of London, UK, and The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland to help financial services institutions develop and certify competency levels for a group of professional financial planners.

It also allows individual employees to earn a career-based diploma that recognises their aptitude and professional competence in giving financial advice.

  • To develop financial needs analysis skills and relationship management in order to construct an accurate Financial Profile of the client that the client understand and accepts
  • To develop an optimal Financial Plan consistent with the client's goals and personal risk profile

All Exams are prepared and marked by The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland

What our students are saying:

In my opinion, the CFP programme was well structured and gave the individual participating the opportunity to capture financial planning at its core. I thoroughly enjoyed the risk management sessions as well as the Estate planning sessions. I guess I would be more biased towards these areas since I am interested in Trust.  The sessions allowed us to come up with practical solutions to problems that are not simply text book examples, but those that we would face on a day to day basis depending on the job we are engaged in. Also because the programme, especially the estate planning session, used information pertinent to The Bahamas the concepts were easier to grasp as it was related to home.

Alicia Rolle, 2008 Graduate

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Cost: $4,550. Payment Plans are available

Candidates to this program will be certified after passing all six modules of the program and the successful completion of a comprehensive Final Qualifying Exam. The student will then be issued a Certificate that will carry International Accreditation.

Final Qualifying Exam
The three hour exam will consist of comprehensive cases that the candidate will be asked to analyse, draw conclusions and make recommendations in the form of an integrated financial plan.

Program Prerequisites
Candidates to the Certified Financial Planner Program must fulfill the following requirement:

  • Candidates must have basic knowledge in Computer Skills, Mathematics,
    Principles of Accounting and General Economics.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of a college degree or equivalent.

A team of local and international practitioners will facilitate the programme.


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