The Bahamas Institute of Financial Services

Corporate Members
An invitation is extended to all Banks, Trust Companies and other organizations operating in the Bahamas to join the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services.
ABIFS Members
We currently have 670 ABIFS Certificate holders
Our Partners
Our partners include many financial, educational, and local organizations. We also provide a link to their web sites for further information.


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Bahamas Institute of Financial Services
Confidence, Integrity & Loyalty

The Bahamas Institute of Financial Services has been committed to developing and promoting high quality training and educational programmes in the financial sector for over thirty years. The Institute works to develop the skills of employees, to respond innovatively to the needs of the business and financial community and to develop creative synergy to foster and enhance sustain growth in the industry.
The Institute has achieved considerable success to date with more than a thousand financial professionals trained Associates operating in the financial services sector, many of whom will continue their career development through further training opportunities conducted by BIFS.
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